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Sean McDermott (SJMCTS)
Registration Date: Jan 10, 2016
Personal Address:
Company Name: SJM Computer Tutoring and Support
First Name: Sean
Last Name: McDermott
Address: 1/513 Murphy Street
Suburb: Lavington
State: NSW
Postcode: 2641
Country: Australia
Phone Number: 60250506
Banner Colour: #000000
Website Address:
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Description: Have you ever been sitting at a computer and thinking “How do I do that ?” or have problems with your computer and don’t want the hassle of having to pack it all up and take it to a repair shop ?

SJM Computer Tutoring and Support can come to you at a place and time to suit you. SJM Computing and Support can sit with and give you the benefit of over 20 years knowledge in studying and working with computers, to teach you what you want to learn or to fix your problems, without you having to leave home or your office.
ABN: 89970852504
Price: $ 50.00
Comments: Discount for retirees
5 Key Service Areas
Key Service Areas: Computer Tutoring
Key Service Areas: Get data off old hard drives
Key Service Areas: Fix basic computer faults
Business Hours
Monday From: 09:00
To: 17:00
Tuesday From: 09:00
To: 17:00
Wednesday From: 09:00
To: 17:00
Thursday From: 09:00
To: 17:00
Friday From: 09:00
To: 17:00
Saturday From: Closed
To: Closed
Sunday From: Closed
To: Closed
Contact Details
Contact Name: Sean McDermott
Contact Number: 0419146406
Contact Email:
State: New South Wales
Post Code: 2641
Suburb: Lavington