Job Advertising Tips

Do you need help to get started with your job description? Please consider the following points to include in your ad, which will assist potential job seekers and give you a better chance of finding your next employee.


Job Title

- Be sure to use descriptive and specific keywords in your job title which will make your ad easier for job seekers to find.


Job Summary

- Your job summary appears on the search results page. This is your opportunity to entice job seekers to click on your ad to read the full job description.
- Write specific copy which is a summary of your ad rather than simply copying the first paragraph of your job description.
- You can use the summary to include up to three bullet points/dashes as done here.
- Also highlight the key features and advantages of the position and include the job location.


Job Description

- You should include as much information as possible in your description to assist job seekers, including the specific job requirements (hours of the role, preferred experience and required skills).
- Explain the position specifying duties and tasks, along with any associated benefits (training, incentives and rewards).
- You could include a successful candidate skill set.
- Include salary details or salary range on a per annum, daily or hourly basis and be sure to state if the job is a commission only position.
- Include the specific job location, along with parking and transport availability.
- State if the role is a newly created position or if travel is required.
- Include your company or business name in the ad.
- Describe the values and culture of your business and workplace.
- Provide details about the onsite facilities such as parking, childcare, canteen, gym etc.


Design Tips

- Describe job features with a dash and a new line for each feature (as done here).

- Make paragraphs short so they are easy to read and digest.


Monitor Your Ad’s Performance

If your ad is underperforming and you are receiving little or no enquiry, you may wish to consider changing the title and the description to give it fresh appearance.


Please enjoy easy, local and free trading!


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