Advertising and Selling Tips

Creating an effective advertisement will give you a much better chance of a successful sale. can guide you through this process and give you all the information you need to help promote your product, item or service in our specific categories to your targeted market.


  • Don't rush the process. Take the time to create an effective ad. Provide as many quality photos of your product as possible, showing all angles to assist buyers.
  • Keep the heading short and descriptive, using key words that users may search for.
  • Be honest and descriptive about your product, item or service. You have plenty of space to tell people about it, so give them all the details you can. This will save you time answering emails and phone calls about details you could have provided in your ad.
  • Setting the right price from the start is important. Compare your product with other similar products and set your price accordingly. Also consider the age and condition of your item. If you are not receiving enquiries from your ad, it may be time to consider adjusting your price. Setting a fair price when you first place your ad will give you an excellent chance of receiving immediate enquiries, rather than losing buyers' interest.
  • Presentation is paramount. Make sure your product or item for sale is clean and well presented for both photos and inspections by potential buyers.
  • Don't forget the paperwork. Provide receipts where necessary, which are dated and signed by both parties, including current addresses. Check ID and record driver’s licence numbers.
Design Tips

- Describe your item's features with a dash and a new line for each feature (as done here).

- Make paragraphs short so they are easy to read and digest.


Monitor Your Ad’s Performance

If your ad is underperforming and you are receiving little or no enquiry, you may wish to consider changing the title and the description to give it fresh appearance. You may also consider adjusting the price depending on other similar products on the site, their age and condition.

Include Photos

Remember that images will help potential buyers and assist in selling your item. You can include up to 30 images in your free classified ad. So, take the time to provide clear, well lit images of your item on various angles, to assist buyers and increase your chance of response and success from your ad.

By following these simple, but important advertising tips, you’ll give yourself a great chance of success in selling your product or item. For your safety and to avoid scams, please read our Safe Trading Tips.


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Please enjoy easy, local and free trading!


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